“I think a lot of people are concerned about the capabilities of AI, understandably so and if we want these systems to be accountable to the public we’ll need to regulate the major players involved,” AI Now Institute Managing Director Sarah Myers West told Gizmodo. “But here’s what’s key to understand about Chat GPT and other similar large language models: they’re not in any way actually reflecting the depth of understanding of human language—they’re mimicking its form.”

Though Myers shares concerns about AI misuse she worries the tech’s current hype train and over-exaggeration of its capabilities could distract from more pressing concerns.

“Unless we have policy intervention, we’re facing a world where the trajectory for AI will be unaccountable to the public, and determined by the handful of companies that have the resources to develop these tools and experiment with them in the wild,” West of the AI Now Institute told Gizmodo.

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