What is this report?

This report highlights a set of approaches that, in concert, will collectively enable us to confront tech power. Some of these are bold policy reforms that underscore the need for bright-line rules and structural curbs. Others identify popular policy responses that, because they fail to meaningfully address power discrepancies, should be abandoned. Several aren’t in the traditional domain of policy at all, but acknowledge the importance of nonregulatory interventions such as collective action, worker organizing, and the role public policy can play in bolstering these efforts. We intend this report to provide strategic guidance to inform the work ahead of us, taking a bird’s eye view of the many levers we can use to shape the future trajectory of AI – and the tech industry behind it – to ensure that it is the public, not industry, that this technology serves.

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2023 Landscape Contributors


Amba Kak

Co-Executive Director

Sarah Myers West

Co-Executive Director



Authored by Amba Kak and Dr. Sarah Myers West.

With research and editorial contributions from  Alejandro Calcaño, Jane Chung, Dr Kerry McInerney and Meredith Whittaker.

Copyediting by  Caren Litherland.

Design by  Partner & Partners.

Special thanks to all those that provided feedback on sections in the report including Veena Dubal, Ryan Gerety, Sara Geoghegan, Ellen Goodman, Alex Harman, Daniel Leufer, Estelle Masse, Fanny Hidvegi, Tamara Kneese, J. Nathan Mathias, Julia Powles, Daniel Rangel, Gabrielle Rejouis, Maurice Stucke, Charlotte Slaiman, Lori Wallach, Ben Winters, and Jai Vipra.

Cite as  Amba Kak and Sarah Myers West, “AI Now 2023 Landscape: Confronting Tech Power”, AI Now Institute, April 11, 2023, [https://www.ainowinstitute.org/2023-landscape].