AI Now Symposia

AI Now Symposia started in 2016 to address the biggest challenges we face as AI moves further into our everyday lives.

Photograph by Kate Reeder

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2019 Symposium

The fourth annual AI Now Symposium provided behind-the-scenes insights from those at the frontlines of the growing pushback against harmful AI. Our program featured leading lawyers, organizers, scholars, and tech workers, all of whom have engaged creative strategies to combat exploitative AI systems across a wide range of contexts, from automated allocation of social services, to policing and border control, to worker surveillance and exploitation, and well beyond.

Oct 2, 2019

2018 Symposium

The AI Now 2018 Symposium addressed the intersection of AI, ethics, organizing, and accountability–examining the landmark events of the past year that have brought these topics squarely into focus. What can we learn from them and where is there more work to be done?

Oct 16, 2018

2017 Symposium

The second annual AI Now Symposium deepened the examination of the near-term social and economic implications of AI begun during the first Symposium, addressing four key issues in relation to AI: Rights and Liberties, Labor and Automation, Bias and Inclusion, and Ethics and Governance. These themes built on the work done during the 2016 Symposium, and introduced new areas of concern, with close attention to developments that have occurred in the intervening 12 months.

Jul 10, 2017

2016 Symposium

In July of 2016, Kate Crawford and Meredith Whittaker co-chaired the first AI Now Symposium in collaboration with the Obama White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Economic Council. The event brought together leading experts and members of the public to discuss the near-term social and economic implications of artificial intelligence.

Jul 7, 2016