Today AI Now has launched the Water Justice and Technology Report, together with the Center for Interdisciplinary Environmental Justice (CIEJ), and 13 other contributors and edited by Dr. Theodora Dryer. This report examines the expansion of technology and computational resource control into water policy and the potential harms of this expansion.

Governments have used recent crises to pass a wave of water “relief” policies that not only expand the footprint of technology in the water domain, but also exacerbate water commodification, environmental racism, and economic extraction. The report’s authors argue that these policies fail to address the most urgent and fundamental needs of water transitions and water futures, and that they put a premium on extractive economic growth over water justice.

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April Anson, Andrea Ballestero, Dean Chahim, CIEJ, Theodora Dryer, Sage Gerson, Matthew Henry, Hi’ilei Julia Hobart, Fushcia-Ann Hoover, J.T. Roane, Amrah Salomón, Bruno Seraphin, and Elena Sobrino, “Water Justice and Technology: The COVID-19 Crisis, Computational Resource Control, and Water Relief Policy,” AI Now Institute at New York University, January 10, 2022.