From tenant rights groups opposing facial recognition in housing to Latinx activists and students protesting lucrative tech company contracts with military and border agencies, this year we saw community groups, researchers, and workers demand a halt to risky and dangerous AI technologies. AI Now’s 2019 report spotlights these growing movements, examining the coalitions involved and the research, arguments, and tactics used. We also examine the specific harms these coalitions are resisting, and offer 12 recommendations on what policymakers, advocates and researchers can do to address the use of AI in ways that widen inequality.

Cite as: Crawford, Kate, Roel Dobbe, Theodora Dryer, Genevieve Fried, Ben Green, Elizabeth Kaziunas, Amba Kak, Varoon Mathur, Erin McElroy, Andrea Nill Sánchez, Deborah Raji, Joy Lisi Rankin, Rashida Richardson, Jason Schultz, Sarah Myers West, and Meredith Whittaker. AI Now 2019 Report. New York: AI Now Institute, 2019.