AI Now Co-Executive Directors Amba Kak and Sarah Myers West issued the following statement:

Let’s be clear about what this process was about, from start to finish: despite a pressing need for regulatory intervention, in the end, the nine “insight forums” functioned as a stalling tactic. Rather than act on the mountains of evidence and ideas about what to do, momentum to regulate AI was instead diverted into a closed door industry-dominated process.  The long list of proposals are no substitute for enforceable law – and these companies certainly know the difference, especially when the window to see anything into legislation is swiftly closing. 

It’s on our elected officials to ensure that the interests of the public are front and center in defining the horizon of possibility for AI. That their vision only extends as far as another roadmap is disappointing, especially when the writing is already on the wall: what we need are stronger rules that put the onus on companies to demonstrate products are safe before they release them, ensure fair competition in the AI marketplace, and protect the most vulnerable in society from AI’s most harmful applications – and that’s just the start.

Concerningly, the report ushers in an ambitious proposal of 32 billion dollars in taxpayer dollars for AI R&D under the banner of democratizing AI. This proposed investment risks further consolidating power back in AI infrastructure providers and replicating industry incentives – we’ll be looking for assurances to prevent this from taking place.”