Varoon Mathur

Varoon has a background conducting interdisciplinary research on the social implications of machine learning and related technologies on public domains. He currently serves as a Presidential Innovation Fellow and Senior Advisor on MLOps at the Department of Veteran Affairs, and as an Advisor on AI at the Federal Trade Commission.

Varoon previously served as a Technology and Health Systems Research Fellow at AI Now, and as a Data Science for Social Good Fellow with Microsoft. He earned his software engineering degree from UBC specializing in machine learning. He is also a global health activist, and serves on the Board for Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, a student-driven NGO focused on access to medicines issues for vulnerable and marginalized population. He has advised on global health policy and research at the World Health Organization, and is a former TEDx Speaker.

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Disordering Datasets

Varoon Mathur, Caitlin Lustig, and Elizabeth Kaziunas

November 11, 2022