Max von Thun

Max von Thun is the Director of Europe & Transatlantic Partnerships at the Open Markets Institute. He leads Open Markets’ research and advocacy in Europe alongside efforts to bring about greater alignment in transatlantic anti-monopoly policy and enforcement.

Von Thun’s work touches on a range of antitrust and competition issues in Europe, with a particular focus on technology and new legislative frameworks targeting Big Tech’s market power. Prior to joining Open Markets, von Thun advised U.K. Parliamentarians on economic policy, led the research program at think-tank the Centre for Entrepreneurs, and worked as a consultant on technology and competition policy in both London and Brussels. He has written influential reports on a range of topics including AI regulation, the future of work, wealth taxation and small business policy, and is a regular contributor to leading publications including the Guardian, the Times, Tech Policy Press and Euractiv.

Von Thun holds a Bachelor’s degree in international relations and philosophy from the University of Southern California, and a Master of Science in international public policy from University College London. He originally hails from London, but these days calls Brussels home.