Theodora Dryer

Lead Researcher - Climare & Water

Theodora Dryer is a historian of technology and computing and a feminist STS scholar. Her research addresses the mathematical infrastructures and data architectures of digital computing, which sustain larger systems of control and uncertainty management across regional and global contexts. Her historical research links data architectures in probability and statistics to larger political and economic programs. At AI Now, she will continue to examine the politics of automated decision-making systems in questions of environmental and racial justice. Through her work on water and farming practices and politics, she critically engages regional and transnational military and aerial-agricultural economies that have become algorithmic. Theodora’s Ph.D. is from the University of California, San Diego’s Department of History and Science Studies Program. Her manuscript is titled, Designing Certainty: The Rise of Algorithmic Computing in an Age of Anxiety. Her work has been supported by the IEEE, the Charles Babbage Institute, the Consortium for the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, and the American Philosophical Society, and published in venues such as IEEE Annals of the History of Computing.