Joan Greenbaum

Visiting Professor

Joan Greenbaum has worked with, and written about, technology since getting hooked on programming in the early mainframe computer days with IBM.

She has written extensively on concerns dealing with work, technology, and gender, with a particular focus on participatory design. Among publications she is author of: Windows on the Workplace (Monthly Review Press, 2004); Design at Work (Erlbaum Press, 1991 with Morten Kyng); and In the Name of Efficiency (Temple University Press, 1979).

Greenbaum is Professor Emerita at City University of New York (CUNY) where she is on the faculty of Environmental Psychology (the study of place) and the program in Interactive Technology and Pedagogy. While she has studied labor process changes and technologies in many different office occupations, her focus now is on tech workers themselves and the ways that they are seeing their work processes changing like other occupations. She is an activist in her union, the PSC-CUNY (AFT local 2334), which represents 30,000 workers and where she is on the Executive Committee and has served as Co-Director of Environmental Health and Safety. She is a mother and grandmother and New York City lover.