Mariah Peebles

Managing Director

Meredith Whittaker

Faculty Director

Luke Strathmann

Editorial Lead

Joy Lisi Rankin

Research Lead, Gender, Race, and Power in AI

Amba Kak

Director of Global Policy and Programs

Alejandro Calcaño Bertorelli

Special Projects and Communications Lead

Casey Gollan

Finance, Development, and Operations Lead

Varoon Mathur

Technology Fellow

Julia Bloch Thibaud

People Operations Lead

Theodora Dryer

Lead Researcher - Climare & Water

Erin McElroy

Postdoctoral Researcher

Sarah Myers West

Postdoctoral Researcher

Elizabeth Kaziunas

Research Lead, Algorithmic Care Project

Noopur Raval

Postdoctoral Researcher

Nantina Vgontzas

Postdoctoral Researcher


J. Khadijah Abdurahman

Tech Impact Network Research Fellow

Shazeda Ahmed

Visiting Scholar

Wendy Chun

Visiting Professor

Heather Dewey-Hagborg

Artist Fellow

Joan Greenbaum

Visiting Professor

Lilly Irani

Visiting Scholar

Romi Morrison

Arts Based Research Fellow

Frank Pasquale

Visiting Scholar

NYU Area Leads

Jane Anderson

Anthropology & Archival Studies

Associate Professor of Anthropology and Museum Studies

R. Luke DuBois


Co-Director, Integrated Digital Media, NYU Tandon

Lisa Gitelman

Historical Epistemology

Professor of Media and English

Rachel Greenstadt

Privacy and Security

Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, NYU Tandon

Vincent Southerland

Criminal Justice

Executive Director, Center on Race, Inequality, and the Law

Academic Council

Gina Neff

Oxford Internet Institute

Andrew Ferguson

UDC David A. Clarke School of Law

Wendy Chun

Brown University

Jenna Burrell

UC Berkeley

Lilly Irani

UC San Diego

Ian Kerr

University of Ottawa

McKenzie Wark

The New School

Hanna Wallach

University of Massachusetts Amherst and Microsoft Research

Natasha Schüll

New York University

Christian Sandvig

University of Michigan

Jack Qiu

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Frank Pasquale

University of Maryland School of Law

Jussi Parikka

University of Southampton

Safiya Umoja Noble

USC Annenberg

Arvind Narayanan

Princeton University

Eden Medina

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Shannon Mattern

The New School

Lev Manovich

City University of New York

Karen Levy

Cornell University

Matthew Jones

Columbia University

Sara Hendren

Olin College of Engineering

Lisa Gitelman

New York University

Paul Dourish

UC Irvine

Julie Cohen

Georgetown Law

Danielle Citron

University of Maryland School of Law

Finn Brunton

New York University

Simone Browne

University of Texas at Austin

Benjamin Bratton

UC San Diego

Geoffrey Bowker

UC Irvine

Solon Barocas

Cornell University

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